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Once we complete our Hudson River trips we come back to our home waters for the early summer from late May to early August for our Vermont Fishing Trips. We offer both Trolling & casting trips on Lake Champlain, trolling concentrates  on Lake Trout & Landlock Salmon but Rainbow & Brown Trout can be encountered as well. Bass & Pike are our main species targeted in our casting trips, but Walleye, Pickerel, Bowfin & Gar Can all be caught on any given day. Lake Champlain trips are for groups of two to three people, our vessel is set up to fit any clients taste, as trips can be split half trolling to half casting or which ever seems to be best for that time of year. Bass & Pike Can be caught from Ice out, through out the summer right into the late fall, but Spring and early fall tend to be best. Trolling for Trout & Salmon Tends to be best from late May until late July. We can also offer early trolling trips in April for ice out trolling in Shallow water.

We can fish all of Lake Champlain from the Shallow south bays to the Islands of Grand Isle county for Bass & Pike, where as our trolling trips concentrate on the waters from Westport NY to Charlotte VT. Lakes & Ponds of western Vermont in Rutland & Addison counties also offer some great fishing & mixed trips to those locations can be arranged as well. Our Vermont Fishing Trips allow family groups or couples to take in Vermont’s Green Mountains & wonderful scenery as wildlife & scenic views abound! Don’t miss our Vermont Fishing Trips for your next vacation getaway or corporate retreat! For a better look at our Lake Champlain & Vermont offerings please check out our sister site at


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