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It’s no secret that the Salmon River, on the east End of Lake Ontario, is a world class fishery that beckons fishermen from all over the East Coast of the U.S.! It is the top tributary in the Lake Ontario basin for angler numbers each year, but also has none other then the Salmon River Fish Hatchery at it’s head waters, which raises a vast majority of the young trout & salmon that go into the Lake Ontario system! This combined with the fertile cold waters that run out of the Tug Hill Plateau make the river a destination that can rival many of the West Coast river Systems.

SALMON!! What this famous river is named after & what thousands of people flock to the area for! Huge runs of King & Coho Salmon begin entering the Salmon River in early September, letting there noses lead them to the water & grounds they were spawned from. We mainly target these fish from the last two weeks of September to mid October. Back trolling with plugs is our primary way of taking these hard fighting fish, so depending on water flows we will primarily be fishing the upper river area.


STEELHEAD!! - We target these fish after the fall Salmon run has occurred, beconing huge numbers of fish into the river to gorge them selves on the never ending amounts of Salmon eggs flowing down the river. We also pick up Brown Trout, Coho Salmon & the occasional late run King Salmon, but Steelhead are our main quarry. Our 17ft Smokercraft Drift boat is fully equipped for two fisherman with onboard heaters & gas grill for shore side breakfast or lunch. We employ many tactics with Spinning, Fly gear & Trolling Rods while float fishing, bottom bouncing or back trolling “plugs” or lures for these chrome silver bullets!

We do have trips available from Late October through out the winter into spring, ending by May first when we head for the Hudson River & Striped Bass. Our prime target dates are usually mid winter through the spring as the river is much less crowded & pristine with the snow white river banks & lack of fishing pressure. We float fish the upper river section from Altmar to the Route 2A bridge upstream of Pulaski, River flows will dictate drift distance & time line. We also can Bank Guide on the lower sections of the River to the border of the Douglaston Salmon Run, but are not limited to just the Main River as many of the out lieing tributaries that feed into the east end of the Lake also have fantastic runs of Trout & Salmon with much less pressure! Clients are strongly encouraged to bring their own waders but are not necessary, though doing so allows much more flexibility in our day to day plans. We do require a day & a half commitment on our Salmon River trips, multiday & multi group trips can be arranged along with lodging suggestions in the area as we net work with a list of guides in the area!

Any one over 16 years of age will need a New York Fishing license, which can be purchased by clicking the following link at NY DEC.

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